About Karbook

Providing the best end-to-end auto repair and maintenance experience

Karbook’s mission is to enable a more transparent and efficient auto repair experience

Meet our team

Adriana Carmona

Co-founder & CEO

Aaron Koivunen

Co-founder & CPO

Rafael Hernandez

Senior Backend Engineer

Dimitriy Khodich

Frontend Engineer

Brenda Moya

Customer Support & Success Representative

Jahir Sanchez

Head of Marketing

David Morales

QA Team Lead

German Meléndez

Junior Illustrator


Our History

Adriana Carmona, Co-founder, passionate about cars, speed and innovation, comes from a family that has been working in the automotive industry for 3 generations.

Aaron Koivunen, Co-founder, passionate about cars, technology and innovation, decided to develop a platform for the Mexican market that is intuitive, easy to use and designed specifically for auto repair shops.

Adriana and Aaron, are on a mission to help auto shops provide an outstanding experience, from the moment a car is having a problem to when the customer picks up the vehicle.


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